Russian Slavic Hair

NHH-Company offer you nice European (Russian) hair with its natural colors and structure.
Hair was collected in Ukraine,Moldova,Russia Federation and other countries. 
Because of its silky structure and natural appearance our European (Russian) hair is a unique choice for people who are purchasing it for manufacturing the wigs and hair extension.
Our European (Russian) natural hair had not been chemically processed, all hair is natural.
Wigs and material for hair extension, made from hair of NHH Company (Natural Human Hair Company), are the highest qualitative items.
Hair is playing in the light, looks healthy and feels like natural, combining all characteristics of natural European hair it is brilliant and silky.

Order European(Russian) natural hair from NHH-Company (Natural Human Hair Company) is really good for your company, because we sell only natural hair!

– General available structures are straight hair and wavy hair.

– Hair lengths vary from 35 to 60 cm (13-23 inches).

– Natural colors of hair are between light-blond and dark-brown.

– Natural hair is sorted, carefully washed, prepared and combed.

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