Single drawn simply refer to when the single strands in the hair have different lengths similar to our natural hair. These are less expensive type of hair. As with double drawn, all the individual hair strands are of equal lengths. In this case, all the hair has been sorted into equal lengths before being bonded together. Double drawn is the most expensive and is much thicker when compared to the single drawn.

The easiest way to look after the hairpiece is to wash it regularly, but
how often is enough to keep the hairpiece pristine?
There is no exact amount in how often to wash hairpiece, but there are
some guidelines. Obviously the wearer wants their hairpiece to look and
smell fresh and clean upon every wear, however, those who wash their
hairpiece too frequently can notice that they are doing more harm than
The recommended rule for human hairpiece is to wash it once or twice
every week, usually once in normal condition.
There are times when it is required to wash the hair more often, for
example, those who are very active may find that they need to wash
their hair more often as they potentially perspire more. Additionally, just
how often to wash a hairpiece can be increased based on
environmental factors too; this includes a more humid climate,
environment which have more exhaust fumes, cooking greases or
cigarette smoke will also contribute to needing to wash the hairpiece
more often.

The benchmark for just how regularly a hairpiece can be washed should
be stopped at every six wearings – this is the maximum as any more
could cause the hairpiece to lose its shape, style and color.

In the current hair market, there are various problems when it
comes to raw hair. The demand for high quality raw hair has grown
and it has become extremely challenging to meet this demand. If you
are one such person who faces a similar challenge then here is what
you need to know with respect to raw hair:
1. Many customers need Indian hair, Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Malaysian
hair etc. Actually, in the Chinese hair market, there is little of this hair but
many suppliers say they have it and in reality they only have Asian hair.
2. Human hair grades - there are 3 main grades, including:  Cuticle Remy Hair: This hair is very silky, smooth and has a very good drop.
Use your hand or your tongue to touch the hair back and forth, if it is real cuticle
remy, it will feel very smooth from the root to the tip, but little frictional feeling
from tip to root. This hair is not too soft or thin because it is not processed in an
acid bath. You also can test the tension with your natural hair. It should be almost
the same. Another tool is to use a microscope, it will be easier to ascertain
whether the cuticles exist or not.  Remy Hair: It is very silky, smooth and very good drop. This hair should also
follow the same direction, you can check the hair color, if it is remy hair, the tip
should be a little bit darker than the root. Also this hair is a little softer and thinner
than cuticle remy because it is processed in an acid bath to remove the cuticles
to avoid tangling.  Non-Remy Hair: This hair is not very silky and smooth when compared to the
above remy hair. Because of the hair shed naturally, you will find black dots on
the end of hair when you put the hair on a white background. Many
manufacturers sell this hair as remy hair. They cut off the black dots, if you can
check it carefully on both ends, you will find see the hair is Non Remy. Another
way to test the quality is to wash and style. The non remy hair will be frizzy, dry
and broken easily after just a few times.
3. Now more and more customers require the best quality hair, but from 2014,
the raw hair is much rare and much more difficult to collect, especially, 18”, 20” and 22”, they are also the most lengthy and the price is much higher. This is a
problem most factories face. Therefore, if you contact a supplier and realize
that the price is cheaper that would be normally then that will raise a red flag
and you will have to rethink.

If the hair extensions are made by mistake, such as wrong hair length, fading color badly, or tangling after first washing, we promise that we would like to remake or return the money back. We will refund your money if there are no cuts or damages on the hair and you return within two weeks after getting the hair extensions. 

Our company provides all the tools that you need to work with different types of hair and in the process of preparation.

Yes we produce wigs from 100% natural hair. We have wide range of modern wigs, short hair wigs, classic wigs for your choice.

We have all types of hair extensions. We use keratin, weaves and tapes. Our most common application is keratin as it is the most advanced, easy and safe to use

Contcat us. leave the details of your rewuired order and we will provide you rith the relevant prices.

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