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NHH-Company (Natural Human Hair-Company) “Hair Extensions and Wigs Production Center” inc. is the first brand of its kind in the former CIS
( Uzbekistan), and was built by Mr. Alexander Kalendarev. It is a manufacturer and exporter of natural human hair.

Our company has been in the field since 2000 and has established itself by the many years of experience and uncompromising quality.
The main goal of the company is the sale of natural hair and focus on quality and on the satisfaction of each client.

Our company was founded several years ago as a small family business who dealt and provided only one kind of hair.
With time as we came to know the hair market in depth, we traveled the world in search of a hair and tried different products.
Today we deal with about 13 different types of hair, collected from a number of places all around the world.

Virgin Uzbekistan hair

Virgin Caucasian hair (Russian Fede)

Virgin Russian (European) hair

Virgin Kazakhstan hair

We do not sell Chinese or Indian hair

The four main types are divided into many types (which you can see in the photo gallery)

Over time, the company has grown and we built a factory that produces the hair, bleaches and colors it.

Each activity in the production uses ancient European technology, under the supervision of our experts who have studied in Europe.

Given the high demand for our products, our manufacturing factory in Uzbekistan began to produce hand-madewigs.

5 years ago, our company opened a trading house of hair in Israel and soon, our NHH-company plans to open many more in other places in the world.

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