Weft Hair Extensions

.The weft hair extension

Stylists of Hollywood and eminent fashion house are using the unique wefted hair for hair extension for a long time.
During belt technology of hair extension your hair has no chemical, no thermal treatment.
Owing to even distribution of hair on the wefted hair a border between extend and own hair is invisible and extend hair looks. very natural
Wefted hair extension is applicable even for sparse and short hair. All the procedure takes 30-40 minutes, and removal of it – 15-20 minutes.

Comfort and profitable type of hair extension.

Wefted hair extension it is the technology during which you will feel any discomfort nor during the hair extension process neither after that.

The wefted hair technology hair extension makes for 1-1, 5 months.
We recommend this type of hair extension in the case if you are in doubts of your ability to manage with long hair
or in the case when you’re going to visit the celebration and want to be a real beauty.
To make belt hair extension takes a few time and removal is very easy.

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