Russian Slavic Hair

NHH-Company offer you nice European (Russian) hair with its natural colors and structure.
Hair was collected in Ukraine,Moldova,Russia Federation and other countries. 
Because of its silky structure and natural appearance our European (Russian) hair is a unique choice for people who are purchasing it for manufacturing the wigs and hair extension.
Our European (Russian) natural hair had not been chemically processed, all hair is natural.
Wigs and material for hair extension, made from hair of NHH Company (Natural Human Hair Company), are the highest qualitative items.
Hair is playing in the light, looks healthy and feels like natural, combining all characteristics of natural European hair it is brilliant and silky.

Order European(Russian) natural hair from NHH-Company (Natural Human Hair Company) is really good for your company, because we sell only natural hair!

– General available structures are straight hair and wavy hair.

– Hair lengths vary from 35 to 60 cm (13-23 inches).

– Natural colors of hair are between light-blond and dark-brown.

– Natural hair is sorted, carefully washed, prepared and combed.

Caucasian (Russian Fede) Hair

NHH-Company offer you straight and wavy – curly Caucasian (Russian Fede) hair. The hair is soft and silky.
Our company presents you the unique kind of raw human hair- Caucasian (Russian Fede) hair.

The Russian Fede hair collects in Caucasus countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Chechnya, Georgia and Regions of Black Sea-regions of Russian Federation!
Caucasiane hair tends to be long, soft and slippery in texture. The texture of CaucasianRussian Fede hair closesst to Russian European hair.

The Caucasian hair comes as straight hair or natural wavy curly!

According to all characteristics this kind of hair is good to produce: bleaching, dyeing, wefting, wigs, hair extensions and hair pieces.
– Texture-straight to wave and curly
– Lengths range from 30 to 90 cm (12-34 inch)
– Natural colors – brown, dark brown and black
– The hair is sorted, carefully washed out, prepared and combed.

Our Caucasian (Russian Fede) hair comes in different textures:
-Satin Soft (Silky Smooth)
-Slightly Coarse (Medium Smooth)
-Medium Coarse (Blends with Relaxed or Soft Pressed Natural)
-Very Coarse (Rarest straight texture)

Uzbek Hair (Uzbekistan)

NHH-Company markets 100% natural Uzbek (Asian) human hair.
The hair is collected from Central Asia – Uzbekistan.
Note: It is not Indian, Chinese or Turkish .
Uzbek hair is better alternative. Quality and texture are better, and it has prolonged life.

The hair is carefully chosen, personally insuring only natural colors without chemical substances that change hair formation,
consequently ensuring long life for wigs and hair extensions, while preserving the natural look.

Our Uzbek hair is good for bleaching, coloring, hair extensions and for wigs.

 Lengths range from 30 to 85 cm (12-32 inches).

 Natural colors range from brown, dark brown and black.

 The hair is sorted, carefully washed out, prepared and combed.

Our Uzbek hair comes in different textures:
-Satin Soft (Silky Smooth)
-Slightly Coarse (Medium Smooth)
-Medium Coarse (Blends with Relaxed or Soft Pressed Natural)
-Very Coarse (Rarest straight texture)

Gray Hair

We are pleased to present you the new type of hair from NHH Company (Natural Human Hair Company) – Grey natural hair.
It is well-known long time ago that grey natural hair makes up because of the reduction of pigment and the white hair doesn’t have it at all.

NHH Company (Natural Human Hair Company) collects grey natural hair from old people in countries of Central Asia
(Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan) and it should be noted that we carry on the quality control of collected human hair.
The way to grey hair…
Initially the hair is white. Human hair gets its natural color because of the pigment named “melanin”.
In process of human aging melanin’s molecules are dividing into parts and moving away one from another. As soon as molecules are scattered the human hair become grey.
Gray hair is great alternative for Slavic hair.
Grey hair is suitable for colorizing and could be bleached and waved. In connection with it you can be sure,
that wigs from grey hair will be looked very naturally. Human hair is sorted carefully, without any yellow colors.

– Lengths of grey hair vary from 40 till 70 cm
– Natural colors of hair – grey and white
– Silky grey hair, straight natural grey hair, waving grey hair
– Hair is sorted, carefully washed and combed and ready for sending.

Colored Hair and Bleached – Euro technology

NHH-Company (Hair Extensions and wigs production Center Ltd) want offer hair Dyed (Colored), which has the following characteristics: straight structure, wavy and is in basic brown color.
Originally natural hair, which has the following characteristics: straight structure of hair, wavy and generally in brown and black colors.
Natural human hair is carefully selected and after that chemically processed and colorized by NHH Company
(Natural Human Hair Company) in the shades, desired by our clients, please visit our colorchat.

After bleaching the human hair accordingly to our innovative technology is colorizing to different colors.
Natural hair cuticles are not removed and this makes it alive. We can guarantee that your natural hair will keep its soft and silk specifications for a long time.
All processes are performing inside our company and under a strict control.

Our Colored hair is good for hair extensions, wigs, clousers and all hair products! we processed this hair by Old european technology!!!!

-Our Colored hair is single drawn

-Length of human hair from 40 cm to 80 cm (15 – 30 inches).
-Textures: straight and wavy
-Colors from DU-201 to DU-224

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